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The BCI Pioneers Coalition is a digital forum led by the world’s first implantable BCI research participants. The group works to establish a set of ethics, guidelines and best practices for future patients, clinicians, and commercial entities engaging with BCI research studies.

We welcome patients, researchers, ethicists, and medical and industry professionals who wish to join us in advancing the widespread, ethical adoption of BCI for individuals with disabilities.

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2022 Neuroergonomics Conference & NYC Neuromodulation Conference

Neurotechnology represented at the conference spans extremes. From critical care, to well-being, to the brain in every-day life. From revolutionary invasive devices, to targeted non-invasive approaches, to wearables. From boosting the performance of athlete, surgeons, artists, first responders, to service members. From brain-to-brain interfaces, to mixed/virtual reality, to social media. The 2022 Neuroergonomics and NYC Neuromodulation Conference program fuses speakers and topics to create a meeting culture that cultivates new ideas and connections.

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The Fifth Annual Bioelectronic Medicine Summit

Bioelectronic medicine is an emerging field at the convergence of molecular medicine, neuroscience and technology with the aim of developing novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches.

This meeting will call international attention to bioelectronic medicine as the platform for new developments in healthcare, technology, and science. Leaders in bioelectronic medicine will discuss current progress, challenges, and future developments.

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Encephalon – Neuroscience Thinking Forward

We have invited speakers for three panels to begin the discussions that will be at the forefront of neuroscience in our generation. The subsections are Computation in the Brain & Neurophilosophy, Clinical Psychiatry & Epigenetics, and finally Drugs, Behavior, and the Future of Medicine. This will include talks evaluating the computational properties of the brain, exploring advances towards evidence-based, person-centric psychiatry, and ending on reconfiguring perceptions and preconceptions of illicit drugs.

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The BCI Pioneers Coalition continually advocates for patient-led conversations around ethics, guidelines and best practices, accessibility, and regulation within the BCI research and neuroscience community.

Learn about what we have accomplished recently and our BCI Pioneers Coalition members’ impact by following our updates below.

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Ian Burkhart poses for a portrait along the Scioto Mile in Columbus, OH on July 10, 2022. Burkhart is a former brain-computer interface participant at The Ohio State University who formed a foundation to help spinal cord injury patients

They Blazed a Trail With ‘Brain-Computer Interfaces.’ Now They Want to Help Shape the Field’s Future

Now, Burkhart is creating a group for the BCI community led by its pioneering users to discuss the kinds of questions he had seven years ago — and to serve more broadly as a forum to talk with others in the BCI community. The BCI Pioneers Coalition will center on the unique experience of Burkhart and his peers, whose numbers have nearly doubled since Burkhart received his BCI.

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How brain-computer interfaces are turning thoughts into text

Facebook (as it was then known, before it entered the Metaverse) made headlines when it started funding brain-computer interface (BCI) technology, searching for a way to allow users to create text just by thinking it. Facebook was interested in creating a new way of interacting with technology – a system where a user could simply imagine speaking, and a device would turn those electrical impulses into text.

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