The Fifth Annual Bioelectronic Medicine Summit

Starts: October 11, 2022 12:00 am EDT
Ends: October 12, 2022 4:00 pm EDT
Location: The Garden City Hotel 45 7th Street Garden City, NY 11530

Welcome to the Fifth Annual Bioelectronic Medicine Summit.
Bioelectronic medicine is an emerging field at the convergence of molecular medicine, neuroscience and technology with the aim of developing novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches.

This meeting will call international attention to bioelectronic medicine as the platform for new developments in healthcare, technology, and science. Leaders in bioelectronic medicine will discuss current progress, challenges, and future developments.

Chairs: Dr. Yousef Al-Abed, PhD – Professor and Co-Director of The Institute of Bioelectronic Medicine (IBEM) at The Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research (FIMR), and Dr. Kenneth Shepard, PhD – Professor of Electrical Engineering, and Co-PI of the NeuroTechnology Center (NTC) at Columbia University.

Key Note Speakers: Dr. Kevin J. Tracey, MD – President and CEO of The Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research and Dr. Warren Grill, PhD – Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Duke University

Scientific Advisory Committee: Dr. Eric Chang, PhD | Dr. Timir Datta, PhD | Dr. Anil K. Malhotra, MD | JoJo Platt, Neurotech Strategist| Dr. Stavros Zanos, MD, PhD | Dr. Theodoros Zanos, PhD

Day One: Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Opening Remarks & Welcome

Yousef Al-Abed, PhD | Kenneth Shepard, PhD
Key Note Address:

Kevin J. Tracey, MD
Session 1: Neurotechnology in the treatment of brain diseases: Successes, challenges, and new frontiers. This session will focus on discussions of the technological, translational and clinical development aspects of bioelectronic therapies for brain disorders.

Host: Stavros Zanos, MD, PhD
Moderator: Robert Froemke, PhD, New York University
Panelists: Thomas Oxley, PhD, Synchron | Florian Solzbacher, PhD, University of Utah| Further confirmations forthcoming
Session 2: Neural regulation of immunity: Controlling the immune response through the peripheral nervous system: This session will cover recent advances in neuro-immunology, with a focus on bi-directional communication between the nervous system and immune system.

Host: Eric Chang, PhD
Panelists: Gloria Choi, PhD, M.I.T. | Asya Rolls, PhD, Technion | Brian S. Kim, MD, Mount Sinai
Session 3: Emerging devices and neural interfaces: Does innovation happen by addressing known gaps in technology or is it best driven by addressing researcher needs? This session will focus on new technologies and interfaces for stimulation and biosensing including electrical, optical, chemical, ultrasound, and other novel approaches. Investigators will discuss their perspective on, and past experience in, developing new technologies either in response to existing needs or as a means to enable new approaches.

Host: Timir Datta, PhD
Moderator: Eric Van Gieson, PhD, DARPA
Panelists: Flavia Vitale , PhD, University of Pennsylvania |Shadi Dayeh, PhD, UCSD | Further confirmations forthcoming
Session 4: Decoding of Neural Signals and the use of data science and machine learning in neural systems as applied to bioelectronic medicine. This session will focus on the efforts to understand how the computations performed by neurons relate to perception, movement, memory and other complex behaviors, and the decoding algorithms developed to translate sensory and motor neural signals into volition, perception, mental and disease states.

Host and Moderator: Theodoros Zanos, PhD
Panelists: Maryam Shanechi, PhD, USC | Konrad Koerding, PhD, University of Pennsylvania | Lorenzo Rossi, PhD, WebBioBank – Newronika | Sridevi Sarma, PhD, Johns Hopkins
Session 5: Bioelectronic medicine for neuropsychiatric disorder. This session will feature discussions on 1: Neuro-vascular modulation: How electrical stimulation activates vascular function and why it matters, 2: Transcranial magnetic stimulation for drug and alcohol use disorders: state of the science, 3: Recent advances in personalizing brain stimulation: connectivity, anatomy and EEG, 4: Electrical field modeling and electroconvulsive therapy.

Host & Moderator: Anil Malhotra, MD
Panelists: Marom Bikson, PhD, The City College of New York of CUNY | Colleen Hanlon, PhD, Wake Forest School of Medicine | Daphne Voineskos, PhD, University of Toronto | Miklos Argyelan, MD, Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research
Day Two: Wednesday, October 12, 2022

The conference will focus on the latest approaches for both brain function and dysfunction including Brain/Body Performance, Skill Acquisition, Stress and Fatigue, Pain, Addiction and Binge Eating, Cognition and Physical Recovery, Eye-tracking, Neuromarketing, and Remote/mobile sensing in the wild. These themes are intended to encourage discussion that crosses traditional sub-domains of brain and health technologies.


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